The Eval Center

Hi! This story will tell you about your TRANSITION ASSESSMENT at The Eval Center. Some people also call this a VOCATIONAL EVALUATION. We are excited to meet you!
On the day of your transition assessment or vocational evaluation you will come to our office for the day. This is a picture of the outside of the building. If you need to use an elevator to get to the second floor, you should use this entrance.
This is the East entrance. If you are dropped off, this will be the best door to come in. Our office is inside this door and up one set of stairs. If you enter through this door, there is no elevator; you will have to walk up stairs.
Our office is on the 2nd floor. It is in Suite 211. This is a picture of the door to our office suite. You may come in through the door and one of us will be there to greet you!
This is the first room you will see inside our office suite. You'll see The Eval Center written on the green wall.
This is the room where we will do most of our work and jobs together.
We think you will have a great day with us! We will do some activities that are like school work.
Other activities we do will be like a job. This is a photo of a job that someone might do in an office.
Other activities we do might look like a puzzle or an activity you do with your hands.
Some things you do will be colorful. Everything we work on will help us learn more about your skills and abilities.
Speed and accuracy are important for work. We may use timers to see how quickly you work.
Some people like to use a schedule while they are doing their transition assessment or vocational evaluation. Here is a picture of a schedule that one person used.
This is our lunch room. If you attend for a full day, you will have a lunch break. If you bring your lunch we have a refrigerator and microwave. If you bring money there are fast-food restaurants within a short walk.
We have 5 people who work at The Eval Center. In the next few pages there will be a picture of each of us along with our names. Your parent or teacher can tell you which one of us you will be with for your vocational evaluation or transition assessment.
This is Jim Boyd.
This is a picture of Lisa Byrne.
This is Resa Kopitzke.
This photo is Valerie Moreno-Tucker.
This is a picture of Tami Sherman.
We are excited to meet you! If you have any questions you can call us. Our phone number is 708.589.4040.
You can also email us: