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Butterflies And Larva By Lex Mc Bride
Stage one The larva egg.
The egg starts on a milkweed leaf. When it hatches it eats the egg shell. After it eats a lot it starts to get bigger.
Stage two The larva.
The larva starts out as a black larva, then it changes colors. After four or five days it starts molting. After it molts the larva gets bigger.
The diagram.
The larva doesn't have eyes but it uses its other senses. Even though the larva's legs look the same, there are two different kinds.
Journal for today April 16,2013.
There is one starting to make a web. One is still eating. The food is getting shorter.
What does a newborn larva eat?
If you have a pet larva it eats mallow. Ones in the wild eat milkweed plants. When the larva hatches it eats it's egg shell.
Nom nom nom
What are prolegs?
Prolegs help the larva attach to the leaf. They also help dig. The prolegs help the larva climb because there are suction cups on the proleg.
What are spiracles?
A spiracle helps the larva breath. It connects to the air tube. Spiracles are also on stingrays.
Journal for today April 19,2013.
They both molted. They are twice the size as they where. The food is getting smaller.
Journal for today April 22,2013.
They are two times bigger! They ate the Tissue. They're is a lot of frass.
See no tissue!
What happens when a larva molts?
When the larva molts it takes a big breath and the larva's skin splits in two. After the larva molts it's skin is mushy. The larva waits until it's skin is hardened.
What are metamorphosis?
Metamorphosis are the four stages of a caterpillar the egg,larva,pupa and the butterfly. The larva is kind of like a worm with legs. The butterfly is the larva but with wings!
Stage three the pupa.
What is a chrysalis?
The pupa is the third stage of the larva. The pupa takes two weeks to end. The chrysalis is like armor around the larva. The larva grows into a butterfly inside the chrysalis. The chrysalis is a shell around the larva.
Journal for today April 29,2013
One of my caterpillars formed a chrysalis. One is still eating. There is a lot of frass.
Journal for today April 30,2013
My caterpillars are in there chrysalis! We put our caterpillars in butterfly garden. We stuck them on with velcro.
How do butterflies get out of they're chrysalis?
A butterfly wiggles and then the butterfly splits out of the chrysalis. The butterfly peeks its head and legs out first. When it is out its wings are wet and it can't fly yet.
What do butterflies wings look like when they come out of a chrysalis? What do happens to the butterflies wings? What are butterflies wings made of?
Butterfly wings are made of scales. The butterflies wings are tiny but the abdomen is big. The abdomen has juice in it but the juice goes into the wings.
The butterfly diagram.
The tongue is kind of like a straw. The legs can taste the nectar from the flower. Do not touch the wings they are fragile and are made of scales.
How does a butterfly taste?
It taste with there tongue. The tongue is the proboscis. The butterfly usually eats nectar.
Journal for today may 7, 2013
He is going to eat the apples! That one of mine hatched! But the other one is still forming a butterfly.
I'm getting those apples!
How do butterflies smell and see?
They have eyes to see. They have more than two eyes! They have two skills on they're feet they have tasting and feeling.
This is an Emperor butterfly.
This is a Painted Lady.
This is a Tiger Swallow Tail.
This is a Monarch.
This is a Dog Face Butterfly.
For today's journal may 10, 2013
We let the butterflies go. Mrs. Carroll is holding a butterfly on her thumb. The others are flying away.