Sloths And Algae Reunite!

There once was a very lonely sloth named Sandy. She lived atop a tall tree. In the middle of the rainforest.
One day, Sandy's favorite branch on her tree broke, and she fell into another sloth's arms. That sloth was named Sid.
They then married at their favorite branch. All of their closest friends and family were there. Later on, they had twins named Samantha and George.
One day, their tree was cut down. They had no food or home. Now they needed to find a new home.
Little George got hungry. So Samantha set out to find some food.
Soon, Samantha found a pond with some homeless algae and his family. “We got kicked out of our house. Do you have a place to stay?"
“I beg your pardon?" said Samantha.
“If you give us a place to live, we will feed your babies," said the algae.
"Okay," said Samantha.
So Samantha came back, with the algae growing in her fur, and they had a happy home. And Little George was never hungry again.