On one happy haunted Halloween morning Peter the fish was still thinking of a costume to wear. Suddenly Peter lit up like a light bulb! "Ding" At school Peter couldn't wait to frighten friends at the Halloween walk through.
It was two o'clock P.M. , so close until the walk through. Peter and Carl were ticking down time bombs. 2:30 ! It was time. Peter and his friend Carl almost exploded of hysteria!
Peter and Carl went to the bathroom to change. Carl dressed up as a horrifying monkey! After Carl left , Peter put on the scariest costume ever.
As Peter walked back to the creepy crawly classroom, all of the class was sitting in their creepy, classical, costumes. Peter walked in and the class screamed "Ahhh" ,the teacher fainted! Peter dressed up as a scuba-diver.
" Come on let's hit the road" said Carl. Peter got 3 pretty, precise, pounds of candy that peppy Halloween! The funniest thing that night was frightening people when they open the door.
From now on Peter is known as the big frightening, freaky, fat scuba-diver!