My Poetry Book

Friendship We are friends That is special If we weren't friends That will be bad So we'll stick together Forever
Who am I ? I live In Antarctica I eat fish I hatch out of a egg Who am I
Bees Bees are frightening Bees love honey and sting too Bees live in a hive
Lions Leaders Incredible and awesome On task Nice and hardworking Shines bright
My dream I had a dream I was in a mall Getting some punch for my lunch Instead I got a ball And a blanket And for my mom I bought a hangket When I got up I thought it was cold I thought that feeling I had Made me glad But, it didn't I'm glad that hasn't happened again
Chickens and chicks Chickens go cock a doddle doo Chicks are funny Chicks can also be quite as a bunny Chickens and chicks also go ha ha ha
Who am I I am white as snow I am a Carnivore I live in Antarctica Who am I ?
Summer Summer is fun For everyone It can get very hot Schools out for everyone It last for two months When summer's over It is back to school :(
Poetry Poetry is cool Poetry expresses you Poetry is fun :)
Snake I saw a snake I got scared So I hit it with a rake Still it didn't go away So I ran So far away When I was home I was glad I didn't see a snake again
Las lomas Leaders Awesome Super cool Lions On task My homework is first All of the 7 habits Smart
Pigs Pigs love to get dirty Pigs are funny Pig snort a lot Pigs are pink But most of all they laugh a lot