Lola And Charlie

Lola and Charlie
Once upon a time...there was a wonderful land. There was beautiful grass and trees.
There lived Lola the Langur Monkey. Along with Charlie the Chital Deer.
Lola the Langur Monkey was high up in a tree with a juicy banana in her mouth. Meanwhile Charlie the Chital Deer was munching on the lush grass down below.
When Lola was reaching for a branch above her, the banana fell out of her mouth and onto the ground. She looked down and saw that the banana was not far from Charlie.
Lola was too scared to go onto the ground and get the banana. She cried out for help and Charlie looked up.
Lola then pointed to the banana and Charlie offered to get the banana for her. Charlie also told her to not be scared and come down.
Lola agreed and she slowly crawled down the tree. Charlie picked up the banana and gave it to her. Lola got to the ground and walked up besides Charlie.
They walked through the grassy fields and up to the top of the nearest trail. They talked for a while and soon became great friends. The end.