Mrs. Rohall's Ocean Explorers!

Learning about the ocean with Mrs. Rohall's 2nd graders!
Leafy sea dragon by: Camden
Tidal pool by: Sienna
Viper fish by: Paige
Sea anemone by: Taylor
Sea horses by: Grace
Parrotfish by: Maggie
Lionfish by: Kate
Octopus by: Anna
Manta ray by: Dominic
Dolphin by : Ryan
Jellyfish by: Danny
Leafy Sea Dragon by: Daniel
Coral Reef by: Zach
Parrotfish by: Ian
Coral Reef by: Will
Swordfish by: Spencer
Giant squid by Jackie
Octopus by: Brandon
Sea horse by: James
Sea turtle by: Logan
Clown fish by: CJ
We hope you enjoyed learning about our ocean!