Sandy And Randy's Adventures: Lost At Sea

Sandy and Randy's Adventures: Lost At Sea
Sandy and Randy were best friends. Sandy a shark, and Randy a Remora, the two throughly enjoyed life under the water. Randy was a cleaner, he helped keep Sandy fresh and well. Sandy provided food for Randy, to keep Randy feeling swell.
One day, while swimming, Sandy started to eat a snack. Randy got pulled away from Sandy and flew into a fish pack. Down, down, down, and away Randy went, but Sandy, still eating didn't realize; he was not yet content.
After snack time, Sandy was surprised to not find Randy, he looked here and over there. He asked his friend Bob the Shark but Bob said he hadn't seen him anywhere. He asked his other friend Jerry the sea turtle, but he said he hadn't seen him, nor his wife Yurtle.
So Sandy gave up trying to find Randy. After a few days Sandy started to develop a toothache, it wasn't so dandy. He did not know where it was from or how he got it. Sandy soon asked the other fish to try and fulfill Randy's job to clean out his tooth, but he always bit.
However, all of them didn't seem up to the task. That night Sandy realized that he needed Randy, and he couldn't just ask. The next day, he went out to search for his lost friend. He looked at the shallows, he looked in the dark, he looked in the sunshine, and even found Noah's lost ark.
Eventually he stumbled upon a empty reef, he found Randy and sighed with relief. Randy needed food, that Sandy provided. Sandy realized he had been very misguided. Reunited at last the friends went for a swim, and Sandy would never forget the time he almost lost him.
Such a big job for so little a fish. Sandy felt lucky to have Randy, who was everything he wished. Randy helped to clean teeth of a beautiful fish. And so the two lived in harmony, never to become a seafood dish. Sandy has found his friend, I am afraid, my reader, that this is the end.