Mongelli Folk Tale

By: Ms. Mongelli/ Carlos's 2nd Grade Class Fall 2012
Page 1 By: Samantha E
Page 2 By: Nancy
Page 3 By: Tatiana
Page 4 By: Andromeda
Page 5 By: Mahina
Page 6 By: Ariana Sun
Page 7 By: Hyatt
Page 8 By: Jaylah
Page 9 By: Emily
Page 10 By: Mariana
Page 11 By: Anjolie
Page 12 By: Koko
Page 13 By: Bethany
Page 14 By: Sydney
Page 15 By: Emma
Page 16 By: Jolie H
Page 17 By: Jolie
Page 18 By: Reanna
Page 19 By: Ariana O
Page 20 By: Tya
Page 21 By Ki- ani
Page 22 Silver knew that she would now have enough fish to last forever. She was happy that she did not listen to the eel. Her turtle friends told her that they would always bring her food, because they were friends forever. The End.