The Barbie Museum

On one breezy day, when my family were eating chocolate-topped strawberries, we were thinking what we should do today. "Hmm... Should we see a movie today?" asked my mom, finishing off her iced tea. "How about a museum? We should go to a museum!" my dad squealed out loud.
When we went inside the museum, we saw beautiful things everywhere! There was some marvelous paintings, and some mysterious but beautiful statues, and some glowing and fabulous valuables.
When I went to a place called the doll section, I fell in love with the dolls immediately. But, a particular doll which looked like a princess seemed to be more standing out than other stunning ones. It reminded me of the Barbies back home!
When my family were on the back home, I kept on thinking about the Barbies I saw. Suddenly, when I thought about my Barbies and the dolls in the museum, I got a stunning thought."What if I make my own Barbie museum, but not the ordinary one... A Barbie museum?"
So, after we can home, I started planning my museum immediately. After about 30 minutes, my mom called me for dinner. While we were eating dinner, I decided to tell my museum plan. After telling them, they got shocked first, but then, after I convinced them to give me a chance, they decided to give a go.
So, after days and days of hard working and working, I was done with the amazing work. It was beautiful and most of all, it was what I hoped to be. When my family and friends saw the museum, they gasped and they were so proud of me! So, the next time, I promise My friends that we would do it together next time.
About The Author Emily is a student in ISKL, 5MM. Her hobby is playing with friends, listening to music, and dancing. She is Korean, and it is her second year in ISKL.