Butterfly Book

A Change From an Egg to a Butterfly By: Abigail Krause
Stage 1 of a butterfly is an egg. The eggs are white and shiny.They are the size of a dot. The eggs stick to the leaf. When the mother lays the egg she makes it sticky.Wind and rain can't make it come loose. They can survive through anything.
Stage 2 of a butterfly is a larva. Caterpillars are also called larva. Larva eat their shells. Larva eat a lot. They like mallow and milkweed plants.
A larva has tentacles in the front and back. True legs are in the front. Pro legs are in the back.
April 16,2013 Today I see webs in my cup on the walls. They have both lost 6 legs. They haven't ate a lot. One them is on the top. The other one is on the side. They're molting because I see white and they're fat. There is a ton of little dark yellow poop in my cup. There are spikes on my larva. There is poop in a web.
What does a newborn larva eat? They eat host plants and milkweed plants. The larva will not eat if it does not have access to it's specific host plants. Then it will die.
What are pro legs on a caterpillar? They're additional paired legs called prolegs. They are used for walking and attachment.
What are spiracles on a caterpillar? They're holes in the caterpillar's side. It allows them to breathe. Air comes in the spiracles and goes to a tube. The tubes take oxygen to other parts of the caterpillar's body because caterpillars don't have lungs. Some caterpillars can open and close the spiracles to keep water in and out.
April 19,2013 I see that they have molted 6 times. They are 2x the size they were. They're moving around a ton. One of them is going crazy. I saw them poop. There's 4x the poop there was. There is still a ton of food left. There are lot of webs and they look like cracks. One of them is eating his own poop:( Now there is dark,dark,dark yellow poop.
April 22,2013 One of my larva is starting to form a chrysalis! It has molted 8 times. They're 5x the size they were. They're enormous. They have pooped a lot. They made a mountain. There is a lot of webs. The poop is a very dark yellow. They ate through the Kleenex. Why do they do that? One of them is hanging from a web.
What happens during the molting process? It goes through 5 instars. It sheds it's skin.
What is metamorphosis? It is all of the stages of a butterfly.
Stage 3 What is a chrysalis? A chrysalis is a shell that wraps around the caterpillar.
My larva has formed a chrysalis. It is hanging by it's cremaster. Monarch chrysalis have jewels down at the bottom.
There is still a lot of food. Every larva has to poop red before it starts to form.
April 30,2013 Today Mr. Williams put my chrysalis in a sanctuary. He used velcro. My larva died;( Mrs.Carroll gave me a new one. The girls put the chrysalis in a green sanctuary. The boy have a blue sanctuary.
How does a butterfly come out of a chrysalis? About two weeks later the chrysalis changes again.
It turns gray before becoming transparent.
The chrysalis wiggles then it gets a crack. Then it splits open.
What do butterfly look like when they come out of the chrysalis? When they come out they're wings are crumpled up.
Then what happens to they're wings? It tries to fly and then they straighten out.
What are butterflies wings made of? They're wings are made of scales.
They have a discall cell which is part of it's wing. They have an inner margin and an outer margin. They also have an apex. They have something really cool called compound eyes.
How does a butterfly taste? A butterfly tastes by unrolling it's tongue and putting it in a flower.
What does a butterfly eat? Butterflies normally eat nectar from a flower. They can also eat from pollen, tree sap, rotting fruit, dung, decaying flesh, and dissolved minerals in wet sand and dirt.
May 7,2013 Yesterday and today we put water in our sanctuary. Mrs.Carroll put sugar, and apples in the sanctuary. Some have already hatched but some haven't. Mine hasn't hatched yet. Mine are named Felix and Allison.
How do butterflies see? Butterflies have small dots on their wings so they can see.
How do butterflies smell? If it doesn't have a nose it's fine it can also smell with it's feet. When a butterfly walks on your shirt it's just smelling and tasting your shirt. It can smell up to 1or 2 feet. It depends on it's eye sight.
How do butterflies fell? They feel with their antennas.
How do butterflies hear? They use their wings because they don't have any ears. Their wings are very sensitive so they can feel the vibrations. They can only hear loud sounds.
This is a Rajah Brooke's Birdwing.
This is a Blue Morpho.
This is a 88 butterfly. Look very closely at the wings.
This is a Tiger Swallowtail.
This is a Blue-Green Reflector.
This is a Blue Night.
This is a Harvester.
This is a Painted Lady.
This is a Orchard Swantail.
This is a Large Copper butterfly.
This is a Peacock Butterfly.
This is a Striped Blue Crow.
May 10,2013 Today we let them go to set free. It was pretty cool. We let the girls out first. Then we let the boys.