Sherlock Oink and the Case of the Missing Pencils

Sherlock Oink and The Case of the Missing Pencils.
"Okay class! That wraps up our environmental lesson. It's time for lunch." Sherlock Oink snatched his lunchbox and raced out the door with B.J. He munched his colorful candy corn sandwich and talked about the latest movie. Before Sherlock Oink knew it, lunch was over.
When B.J. and Sherlock Oink got back to their classroom, all their pencils were gone! Everyone cried out except Donovan the Dog and Camilla the Camel. "Where did all our pencils go?" asked Sherlock. "This is a case for you Sherlock Oink!" said B.J.
Sherlock Oink grabbed his detective coat and hat. He could solve mysteries as easy as pie. He looked in everyones desk. Not in Toady's... not in Penny the Poodle's... and not in Benny the Bear's. Where could they be? Sherlock decided to look in the desks of the two people that didn't shout out. Camilla and Donovan.
Sherlock Oink looked in Donovan's desk, and only found a pen. "Why didn't you shout out?" asked Sherlock Oink. "Oh, because I had a pen. I could still write," explained Donovan. "Cool," said Sherlock Oink and moved to Camila's desk.
Sherlock Oink looked in Camilla's desk and was about to turn away when he saw the tip of pencils! They were at the very back of Camilla's desk. "Camilla," said Sherlock Oink, pulling out pencils. "Why did you take these?"
"I'm sorry! I heard that in our environmental lesson that pencils kill trees. So I figure that if we didn't use pencils, we could save the earth." Sherlock Oink smiled, a new idea in his head.
"For the rest of the day, let's use pens!" exclaimed Sherlock. Everyone agreed and laughed with Camilla. The class used pens, and helped save the earth. Sherlock Oink couldn't have been happier.