Education and Social Media: A Zombie Tale

Education and Social Media: A Zombie Tale Written by Tammi J Canty
Very recently on a college campus not far from here,
there lived a zombie with only one desire: to eat some brains!
But this zombie was very particular. For he only wanted superbly educated brains.
He searched for weeks, but he had no luck.
The poor zombie was on the verge of starvation.
Until one evening, as he lurched past a campus classroom, he detected a delectable aroma.
Inside he found his deepest need: warm brains full of knowledge.
He stepped in, arms outstretched, mouth open wide, ready for the long-awaited meal.
But the poor zombie didn't realize his desire for this very rare delicacy would prove to be his end.
The students inside the classroom used their knowledge of social media to find a way to destroy the miserable zombie and save the day (and themselves)!
And they lived to share their tale about the importance of learning through social media in the face of a zombie attack!
A special thanks to my UDSNF12 colleagues for broadening my horizons. And a very special thanks to the scariest and smartest zombie I know for inspiring me to write this tale.