The Lizard, the Pumpkin and the Peanut

To Lizzie Merry Christmas, I love you.
This is Lizardbreath, the Pumpkin and the Peanut.
Lizard, Pumpkin and Peanut all wanted to go ice skating and the Elephant went with them!
They ran until Pumpkin stepped on a pointy rock, ouch, ouch, ouch!
Then Lizard climbed around the rock and put a bandaid on the Pumpkin's foot.
Pumpkin said, "Thank you."
Lizard said, "You're welcome."
Everyone went to the ice skating rink, and the elephant was there.
Peanut was really nervous, "Ahhhhh!"
Peanut rolled away as fast as he could. KaPowwww!
The elephant was trying to eat Peanut, but Drake the Duck swooped in to save him.
Drake the Duck said, "Don't eat my friend Peanut!"
Lizard and Pumpkin asked the elephant what his name was, he said "Uncle Rick."
He let them swing on his trunk, "Weeeeee!"
I love you stinky face!