Paper Wreath

This is how to fold a paper wreath.
Cut rectangles 5 inches by 3 inches from paper. You need 12 papers, 4 of 3 different colors to make a pattern.
Fold one of the papers lengthwise
Fold it in half again
And then open it
Fold one of the ends down along the middle
Fold the second end down also
Turn it over so it looks like this
Turn the lower corners up and inward
Fold the bottom pieces up to match the top triangle
Fold the triangle in half
Fold all the papers the same way until you have 12 triangles
Insert the points of the triangles into the back folds. They will bend into a circle. Try your design out until you like it.
Put glue in the back folds and put the points back in.
This is what your wreath should look like. Tie a ribbon on the top so you can hang it.