I Knew I Would Be An Educator When...

I knew I wanted to be an educator after receiving a Fisher Price schoolhouse as a Christmas gift one year.
Everyday I would set it all up and play with it for hours and hours. It soon became my favorite toy.
As time went along I started inviting my friends to play school with me. Eventually I replaced the little plastic students with live ones.
My parents would tell everyone, "She's going to be a teacher some day."
Besides loving to play school I also loved going to school. It was fun to spend the day learning and working. I went to a Catholic school called St. Gabriel School.
For high school I went to a school called The Loomis Chaffee School. It was just beautiful there and I studied with students from all over the world. It was so much work but I loved being there every day.
Then off to St. Michael's College I went to study to be a real teacher!
It was exciting to learn how to teach kids how to read, how to use math skills and...
how to do fun, hands-on projects in the classroom.
It's no wonder that today, as a teacher, I still spend most of my time at school. It's so much fun.
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