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Coronado the explorer By: Chloe Phan
Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain in 1510. Coronado then traveled to New Spain in 1535 with the Spanish Viceroy.
When he arrived to New Spain he got married to Dona Beatriz and became the governor of Nueva Galicia.
In 1540 Coronado was selected by the viceroy to lead the mission to find gold located to the north of Mexico. He then led the mission with 300 Spanish soldiers and about 1,000 Indians.
As Coronado looked and looked he failed to find the golden city, he then split his group so they have more chances of finding the gold. One of his men became the first to see the Grand Canyon.
They searched through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas during the winter and spring until they finally gave up their quest because they didn't find the gold.
Coronado then spent his life living in Mexico city as a city council member. He sadly died on September 22, 1554.
Coronado was a very important man because even if he didn't find the gold he found the Grand Canyon and many other landmarks, he was also the first explorer to visit the American West.